Journal Quality Evaluation

  • Track the journal's progress towards peer review system and academic intergrity
  • Analyze Citation Network of each published paper contributed to the journal

Academic Intelligence

Hot topics, frontiers, and emerging scientific issues are the way forward pursued and worked for by countless scholars. If the research topics of the papers published in the journal that coincide with current academic hot topics and international frontiers, this will greatly enhance the journal's academic impact, and help it develop into an international first-class journal.

  • Evaluate the published papers and compare with research results released by top journals within the same field
  • Learn about how the journal locate the hot topics and fronitiers
  • Gain from the hot topics and fronitiers

Talent Evaluation and Managment

Editorial Board and reviewer, as the important parts of journal’s core competence, are a“goalkeepers” of journals leading the publication direction and academic quality. The basic constructions and compositions of Editorial board and reviewers should be well designed for sustainable development. It’s necessary to build a practical editorial board if an emerging journal wants to promote its impact. Also the editorial board needs to make use of its academic and communication advantages to lay the foundation for the rapid development of journal.

  • Assess the academic network of Editorial Board members and learn about how they contribute to journal performance and development
  • Complie multipe quantative research perfomance indicators for individuals and teams, to make the complement of qualitative assessment
  • Invite experts as the key option leaders to build the fame
  • Socialize with more potential reviewer and build strong social networks

Collaboration for Development

  • Match the most valuable publisher for the journal
    • Find the right academic, university and corporate partners
    • Foster transdisciplinary collaborations and make connections with other journals
    • Seek sponsership to enlarge journal impact

    Effective Indexing Process

    JDC currently publishes approximately 50 journals owned by universities and other instituions. Many of them are indexed by Clarivate Web of Science, Scopus, COMPENDEX and PubMed with some enjoying high impact factors.

    • Analyze the Indexing standards and criteria
    • Cultivate journals till they are indexed by target databases

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